Shipping Rates (updated: 9/5/2017)

Our return and exchange policies are very competitive as we provide free return label in the United States. All exchanges are free.

United States Shipping Rates
StatesETAPriority Flat RateFree Shipping LimitReturn Label
California1-2 Days$5.99$150Free
Others2-3 Days$10$150Free

Due to the high cost of international shipping, Bellenista must charge a much higher flat rate for orders less than $249. We are always looking for ways to lower this cost and you have our guarantee that if we found options that will save our customer money, we will update this immediately.

International Shipping Rates
CountriesETAPriority Flat RateFree Shipping LimitReturn Label
Canada6-10 Days$25$249Buyer
China/Taiwan/HK10-14 Days$15$150Buyer
Australia10-14 Days$35$299Buyer
South Korea10-14 Days$35$299Buyer
Japan10-14 Days$35$299Buyer